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Posted: May 28, 2011 in Testicular Cancer

My blog is now moving to the shiny new location of:



Please check in there for all future updates and thanks for reading so far!!!


Sometimes I love the internet. And no I don’t mean thaaaat!

America is obsessed with the Royal family, so much so that when I went to the states last year, the local tabloid rag/mag had a feature on the front cover stating “Prince Charles is Gay”. Needless to say I bought it, wondering if in 12 hours on planes, I’d missed a huge story. It then went into substantial (but unsubstantiated) detail about the fact that the marriages to Camilla, and previously Diana, were a sham, and that he had an illicit “encounter” with a butler, bellhop, or chamberboy (I may have made that last one up as a job). Oddly the rest of the media has never run the story. So either its so outlandish its being ignored by any self respecting journo, or everyone involved in the story died in car accidents in tunnels recently, while being driven by frenchmen.

Why, you might ask am I waffling on about America again?

They read the daily mirror online it appears.

This time its nothing to do with West Michigan radio stations, but rather this time its to do with Diggnation – an online mock-a-rama of the daily news on the internet and beyond, based on the suggestions of people who message in on email and twitter.

Well someone put me up as a story. And they ran with it.

So once again I find myself listening to two people taking the p*ss (that star is for my mum, she hates that word and me using it!) out of my “manscaping” habits, and then following that is the first online/televised attempt I’ve seen to show guys how to check themselves. It borders on painful both in description and also the suggestions – so if you come out of it as a lad wondering if its worth the hassle, well it is and need not be so, uhm, clumsily done.

Hats off to them though, as Mssrs Albrecht and Rose, in between pretending to be drunk and suggesting that the government is spying on your internet usage (maybe it was these guys who wrote the article about Prince Charles) make a good job of actually discussing TC and also give it some more well needed air time. More power to their arm. Hehe.

The link to watch the vid is here:

Feel free to watch and laugh and thanks to Martyn Lomax, my old friend, for pointing this out to me.

So then to my request.

You may remember that I’ve said that in my view TC suffers more from a lack of awareness than a lack of money. So then, I’ve decided to take this blog lark up a notch. I’m going to set up a website, and rather than ask poor recession battered folk to donate, I’m going to ask for people to suggest things I can do to raise the profile of Testicular Cancer.

So, to all those more imaginative people out there than me, get your thinking caps on. I’d like to think that it will be more original than abseiling off a building in a pair of Y fronts made for one, or jumping out of a plane without the spare (geddit???), but genuinely I will consider any ideas. I’ve got a friend who will help me out with video and such like so when an event becomes reality I’m going to video it, broadcast it to whoever will listen, and then see what happens. Instead of a “donate” button, I just want a “watched” button. Really. No money wanted, or requested (you can donate to Orchid or Everyman if you want of course!) I just want awareness to be the focus.

Answers on a postcard/email/tweet/text/smoke signal please.

Have a great bank holiday, and if you see Prince Charles, give him that rainbow scarf you’ve had in the closet for years 😉


The News in Portsmouth are running an article about TC today – similar lines to the article in the Mirror last week but with slightly less tabloid wording 🙂

Thanks to both Rachel and Sarah at the News for running the article….

P 🙂

My blog has managed to provoke a reaction from a nice chap in America….

In the event that you don’t want to click through and in the hope that you don’t notice that he’s used the same template as me, here below is what he wrote:

I guess if I put some thought into it, I wouldn’t be surprised that anywhere else outside of America thinks manscaping makes you a bozo.  Who doesn’t trim the bushes?  If your buddy admitted he goes tanning and razor-shaves his chest & abs then yeah, he’s a complete queer.  But keeping your ball/shaft/taint situation in check should be about as common as wiping your asshole.  Kinda weird though that this stuck with him for a few days before he finally broke down and took the Norelco to his nutsack.  You gotta figure that, even on the lamest of nights, a lot else went on to overshadow your buddy talking about his smooth yambag.  Not Phil Stoker though.  This revelation rattled his cage big time.  Probably fucked up his pickup lines all night.  ”You here with anybody?  Can I buy you a drink freshly-shaven cock & balls?”  Tossing and turning, dreaming of slick sack wrinkles until he finally caved. All’s well that ends well though, as he got the jump on testicular cancer which is a slight notch above ‘hairy jungle dick’ on the list of getting laid deterrents.  If only all drunken conversations with your pals ended up on such a positive. 

I laughed for ages when I read this post this morning – clearly its a cultural barrier we’ve not caught up with the US on yet!!! 🙂

Meaningful stuff to follow – promise!!! 🙂


I know – dodgy title!!!

A few people have chased me since last week’s interview with the guys at WSNX in the US, and having just seen the fits of laughter it caused with my house-mate I guess its time to link it and let you all have a laugh….

Highlights to listen out for

– the guy almost flooring me with a question about my masturbation habits

– me managing to get the term suck it and see into a conversation about meat and two veg and getting





It was a lot of fun, they were really cool and although I can’t imagine many people enjoyed the topic at 07:20 in the morning stateside, I hope it goes a little way to helping awareness in the US!!!

So to the link –

look on the right – its obvious from there 🙂

Enjoy – all comments welcomed!!!!


Posted: May 13, 2011 in Testicular Cancer

Hello and welcome to the middle of the night. Its just starting to get light outside, there’s been a fox running around, and yes, you guessed it I’m awake. My phone reads 03:15 and in an attempt to wear my brain out I’ve decided to write on here, in the hope that I’ll doze off mid sen……

Sadly that was nocturnal humour, not me finally getting some shut-eye.

About 15 hours ago, I had a good chat with some shock-jock American breakfast DJs in the states…I wonder just how many Michegan-ites spluttered into their oatmeal at the sound of this plummy brit talking about testicles, shaving and masturbation (they started that one not me!!!)….I’m trying to track down the podcast of it so you can all have a laugh at just how off guard they caught me with that comment, I knew from listening to some of their stuff they like to fly close to the wind, but that was a little unexpected even so.

Back to insomnia for a second – where the hell does it come from? I’m a bit preoccupied with a few things at the moment, but to be honest I’m usually shattered by half three in the afternoon, meaning that by the time lights out comes around I should be ready to hit the sack. Its been a problem for me on and off for a few years and I was hoping that the testosterone treatment would have remedied it, however if there’s anyone reading who has a sure fire way of getting to sleep that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, I’ll gladly try it!

Anyway back to the reason for my blog.

I’ve spoken to a couple of charities in the last couple of days trying to work out my next move. Cos now, I’m kinda cured, bar a few checkups every 3 to 4 months. Which means now I need a plan. A mission.

What I’m getting is that the “battle” (people always talk about battling cancer don’t they?) is awareness. In a sense I’m walking proof of that. Through complete chance, dumb luck, vanity, divine intervention, fate (delete to suit your particular spiritual persuasion) I found something that, left unchecked, would eventually have killed me. Not for a long time, but it would have done. At worst it would have resulted in months of chemo, possible radiotherapy and a change in my life that would have been a lot more far-reaching.

I had no idea about Testicular Cancer – so why would anyone else?

Most cancer charities have a fund raising focus out of necessity – drugs and treatments are expensive, trials are long and often fruitless, and sadly despite the good things that they do, pharmaceutical companies are still exactly that – companies, not charities, trying to earn profits.

TC appears to me to be different. Found early, you will beat it in 99 cases out of 100, provided its treated quickly. That’s the way I see it anyway.

So the fight is to get people finding it early – do that and survive cancer.

Note that I said people. I really do mean people. Because girls have their part to play in making sure their fella’s not got any sticky out bits that shouldn’t be there…

Maybe we should legalise prostitution, making it a prerequisite of the “lady of the night” to check her customer’s before bumping uglies? Worded to be intentionally provocative, but its not as hair-brained as this insomniac might suggest….

So then. I’m wittering. And still not tired damnit. Scratch that – I’m tired just not able to sleep.  

Testicular Cancer needs awareness. I’ve had just over 2000 people read my blog since I started it. Not bad from a standing start in three months. I want 2000 people a day to read it, to tell their friends about what they’ve read and to get a grip of themselves or their partner – quite literally. Its not taboo, its not sordid, its not even dirty, its simply common sense.

Check your balls, don’t die.

Check his balls – he’s gonna stick around, probably in more ways than one 🙂

 It really is that easy.

I’m out of energy for writing. Calling House MD, would Dr House please come to the TV to wear me out….

Phil out x

I’ll be talking to the awesome Broadway, Internio, and Hughet on West Michigan’s WSNX Radio tomorrow around 12:20 pm UK time – you can listen by going here… – click listen live – well duhhh!!!

I’ve listened to a couple of the podcasts and topics this week have included Vibrators that look like “An alien weapon out of District Nine…”, a man who enjoys role playing as a baby, and if that’s not enough to tempt you then Miss Hughet’s voice is hot 🙂

These guys discuss anything and everything so I am fully expecting to have a hard time tomorrow – but I’m really looking forward to doing some good work for TC stateside!!!!

Catch you tomorrow!!!